Does chemistry matter?

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The majority on here will try to get 100 chem and most players on 7 or higher but does it really matter or is it in our head?


  • HyperOCD
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    The toughest game i had this weekend league was against 78 chem team :D
  • TDOF
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    as long as your players are above 5 chem it's fine.... doesn't need to 100...
  • DannySTFC
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    I wouldn’t play without 100 chem just in case. Happy to play with players on 7 as long as it adds up to 100 overall, even played with someone on a 5 with total of 100 and never noticed the difference.
  • Yermawfc
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    I’m going to test this over 10 games
  • Saiyajin
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    never noticed any differences but I cant play with off chem
  • Mackie17
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    Definitely has a statistical effect. Eg Your IF off chem (lower than 7) is probably about the same a the NIF on 10
  • dark_galaxy20
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    it really matters, if you have a trash player you could easilly make a beast from him with a good chem style and a chem between 8 to 10
    and really gets the good players higher, just see if the player you want to player with bad chem would be better or a bit worse player with a full chem
  • number7rocky
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    I'd say it's more psychological. One of my toughest games this WL was at 10-0 agaisnt a 94 chem team with Potm Mane as a LF starting CM, switching into 4231 with Adama Traaore wide, he sat back and tried to counter all game, had to come from behind twice and then I won late in et.

    He was getting all the little bounces early on, felt he had no disadvantage being of chem, if anything my team felt worse as if to compensate for his chem but that's just a tin foil hat theory 😂
  • Rajarshi_CFC
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    If the team chemistry is 100, then individual chemistry doesn't matter much unless you have a chemistry style on them. If the team chemistry is not that good and neither is that of the player's then it's a big problem because the team will be dysfunctional and not play to it's strengths.

    Hope that'll help.
  • LiamSully
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    TOTY Mane starts on 5 chem and is my best player but I wouldn’t play a lower tier player without the chem boosts
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
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    "The chemistry must be respected"
    - Walter White.
  • TheTataGuy
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    95-100 team chemistry is fine

    6-10 player chemistry is fine
  • rmoxon
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    It matters less when you get further into the year as you will have cards that have crazy high stats regardless.
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