Internet disconnects when fifa 20 starts

Wonder if anyone has the same problem. My internet works fine, but when I start Fifa20 it immediately disconnects my internet. Not when opening origin, then internet works fine.


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    Have you tested to see if your ports are all open?
    You need these ports open from your router settings!

    FIFA 20 - PC

    TCP: 3569,8080,9946,9988,10000-20000,42124
    UDP: 3659,9000-9999

    Verify that your ports are open using Port forward checker tool and see if the problem goes away. If you have difficulty opening ports you can alternatively set router settings to DMZ which will auto-unblock all the ports. Keep in mind that opening all the ports may pose a security risk for your computer network.

    If after opening the ports the problem still persists. Try resetting your Windows Defender Firewall settings, make sure that is also not disabling the network.
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