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Hello guys new to pc here, I am currently using a ps4 controller to play fifa, ea dosent recognise this so I had to download some third party application to get it to work

Anyways my question is what controller works our of the box for origin/fifa, sometimes the ps4 controller seems to click to the right so I would be interested in buying a controller that works without having to install stuff to make it function.

Many thanks


  • I use elite series 2. Or you can get the normal XBox controller. If u need it to wireless , buy the wireless Xbox adapter usb.
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    I use the PDP Afterglow Wired Xbox One Controller!

    This works straight out of the box on Windows 10 and previously tested it when I had Windows 8.1. It works straightaway using Windows Update drivers or if you install the official PDP drivers from the website.

    Please be aware though with this controller on PC if it is plugged into a regular black USB 2.0 port the controller doesn't work sometimes and needs re-plugging. I solved this problem as I have a blue USB 3.0 port. When the controller is plugged into a blue USB port then I never have problems with it. Seems like it is power related issue as the old Xbox 360 Controller didn't have this issue. So if you don't have a blue USB port at the back of your PC don't get this particular controller.

    Anyway, have a look at this list

    As we can see the PS4 controller is not officially supported. If you don't find the Xbox One or 360 Controller comfortable to use. I suggest you get the Logitech Gamepad F710 or Logitech Gamepad F310 as it better resembles that of a PS4 controller.

    With the Logitech, Saitek controllers you may need to install the official drivers separately from their website. However, with the Xbox One and 360 controllers you don't have to worry about doing that each time you reformat Windows for example. The drivers will auto install when plugged as they come together with the operating system.
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    Try adding fifa on steam and play it through steam for your ps4 controller, other than that just get your standard xbox controller.
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    Thanks guys for the replys! Thanks @BLaZiNgSPEED for the very detailed reply.

    I think I will order the pdp wired xbox controller.

    I appreciate the replys and info from everybody many thanks :)
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