this game dont worth any money

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why is handball of? in last game he block my shoot with hand way over his player head in his penalty area and ruin gol chance on clear goal 🙄 this is not football anymore and AI is on 2 yrs child skills


  • Chavez76
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    because in '19 there were penalties in every game because of handball, where you had no control on what was happening.
  • mica_01
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    yes i know, and that is all emotions in football because you can know what happend next...if was somebody playing proffeaiona football will know what im said. i dont mind when is hand close to body but when is high over his head is not natural hand position, if it penalty let it be penalty i dont mind that.
  • tedski69
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    Now you get clear handballs, fouls and offsides just not given when it's obvious.

    Typical EA though. We won't change the frequency of handballs, instead we'll just turn them off.

    Some laws they just couldn't be bothered putting in the game.
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