Built a dynasty then got fired...

I wanted to start from the bottom and build a League 2 team into a BPL team. I wanted to do this by simming the games. I choose to go with Dagenham and Redbridge as my team. I knew that I would need some money to get started, so before I began I went to edit teams and sent FCB's top four guys to my roster at D&R. I sold them all the first chance I could for the money and built my team with free agents.

My goal was to build a team through the Youth Academy. I destroyed League 2 after having those FCB guys early on and gained promotion. The board wanted automatic promotion for year two. I won League 1 fairly easy and gained promotion again; mostly with Free Agents that got a little better and a few mid level young guys I bought from other teams. Now in the FLC, the board yet again wanted automatic promotion. After setting up my youth academy with full stars on all my scouts, waiting late to promote players to main squad then sending them on loan if I wasn't going to play them a lot, most of my starting team were now my own youth academy home grown talent.

Most of these guys were 73-79 at this point and all very young. I do not think this is a team to compete in the BPL quite yet, however the board once again wanted automatic promotion. I met the goal by wining the league, however still had a poor showing in all Cup formats.

Now in the BPL and with only a few players rated above 80, I felt that I was further along than I should be at this point. The board wanted me to win the league but I didn't think I had the team to go up against the powerhouse teams near the top of the BPL.

I once again was bounced from Cup matches early. My team was young but all had the 'potential to be special' and were under 21. Most were high 70s or low 80s. I did well and finished near the top of the league which was a shock to me. The board wasn't happy but I survived. I then started the next season with the board wanting me to win the league again. I once again felt the young teams was only good enough to avoid relegation. I finished mid league and was FIRED!

My team's rating was no where near most of the teams in the BPL. So why did the board always want me to win the league? I was building something through the youth academy to be great for a long period of time; I just wasn't there yet. I did have a high transfer amount that I could have used, but I was building good young talent myself. Does the transfer funds available to you help determine the board's goals for your season, or is it only based on the team talent? I for sure think that my board's goals were always too high for the talent I had on the team at the time.

Any tips, tricks, etc. would be nice as this was a disheartening result after putting so much time into building it from the ground up. I took a job at FLC team after and burned my financial takeover perk from the catalog to help get that team going with the same goal of building through the youth academy. Gained promotion but was fired rom that job after a poor showing in the BPL. I'm now at Notts County with no money, no more catalog perks, and no hope to even buy a single scout much less a good player or two.

Any ideas to help me out for the next go around?


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    Not sure but I know there is a bug where promoted teams are assigned their goals based on as if they are still in the league below.

    For example, I was promoted from Serie B and the first Serie A season I was told to win the league.

    I finished 5th but luckily they kept me on board. After your first promoted season, it then sorted itself out.

    No tips I'm afraid apart from maybe reloading before starting the new season I guess.
  • I have spent a few months to build an empire like your, all boys from academy no purchase, make some sellout sometime making some dollars or duplicated positions too many of them.

    I end up giving up on that save was 3-4 of those players wanted to leave because I has slipped in the a season, those boys rated at 85+ thought they deserved to play in the champion league but I couldn't provide.

    So, I know one trick can trick the board, but its too much for some people. I read it on this forum but I can't find it again so I can't make a quote.

    Every season when you start, but before the board giving you the goals of the season. All you need to do is swapping the lowest rate players into first team. Then the board will be tricked and thought the team is not strong enough to ask you win the title, and of course all goals will be lowered too. I have done this for a few seasons and it worked in my save too.

    You should give a try if the goals from board is really giving you trouble. Cheers.
  • This is an awesome idea! Thank you!
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    Well i would like to know something else. I started as Wycombe and made my way to BPL and have a team of high 70 and low 80 aswell...all youngsters...now i am wondering how to get more funds for transfers for the board? Even with good results during seasons they never granted me any more funds, even if asked for (saying i have not shown enough for them to trust me with more money or something like it - and i took the team to BPL- wtf?). Is there a trick to get more money? I wanted to make a team full of youth, but their acceleration does not upgrade for me and team of 55-69 paced players, with low stamina (how do you upgrade stamina btw?) has a lot of problems playing against high rated teams...

    Any help would be aprishiated....

  • I started over a new career after the one above. I took sometimes run into stamina problems. I have to have a deep bench, which isn't that big of a problem after a year or two of promoting top players from the youth academy. I normally get plenty of CM, CDM, CAM and GK but not very many top backs or strikers. While I can sim the games and win enough to be 5-12th in the BPL, I can't sim and beat the top teams; I have to play those games to win them. The board wants me to win all cups and the league title every year and I do NOT have the team yet to do that. EA needs to lower the board's expectations or ease off on firing the manager so quickly. Hopefully they will do this with FIFA 16.
  • I also never get approved for funds in the few times I've tried.
  • Me either, I never success to get extra funds. Since everytime I play with youth team I only promote young boys from the academy, the original boys are only to sell, I almost not purchasing, every while maybe loan one or two.

    So, if you really wanted to have some extra dollars. I think your youth academy can help you too.

    Sign not only the boys you wanted, also signing a few "2nd tiers" (let make up a term first) guys. In my calculations, cost of growing one young guy from the academy will cost roughly 200K by the time they are 17yo, but mostly you can sell them for 500K or higher. You will be able to profit for 300K (it depends of course) right away.

    If you are not sure how much the boy value at, you can check it on the signing screen before you sign them to pro team, their value is under the picture on the right side of screen.

    If you are using this method, I suggest to keep your potential "2nd tier" boys for one or two years, then their value will mostly go double.

    Actually, 200K cost in my calculations is including the cost of the scout. Basically the net cost like signing fee ($21,000) and weekly pay ($500) all sums up from 15yo you sign him to 17yo you sell, would cost you about 100K only.

    Keep having these "2nd tier" boys in your team can bring you some extra funds too. Hope it helps.
  • And yea, I'm getting midfielders most of the time too. I tried one method that got me some Backs and CFs. Wroth to give a try.

    When you send out your youth scout, you can choose how long you want them scouting, right? Right under the "months" options, there you can pick "types" too. Try couple times of "physically strong", it will bring you a few boys with positions other than MDs.

    Give a try. Cheers.
  • I'll try that thanks. I've got more CM and GK than I know what to do with but almost no CB or ST.
  • I finally manage to find the Leeds Empire I played, its the longest save I played with I believe, game time 2028 if I'm not wrong.

    All of them are from my academy, this is the favorite team in career mode FIFA 15 actually. Welcome share thoughts. :smile:

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    Board goals are dictated at the start of a CM by your teams prestige level and overall rating in a crude comparison to the rest of the teams in the league.

    I also believe 100% that the games AI deviates slightly when you use customized squads when setting up a CM. By deviate I mean the values of players, how they would negotiate, etc seems slightly different than the AI's same behavior in a CM with 'download latest squads' checked in initial CM setup.

    Question I have is whether or not these things change at the start of a new season (that lil special loading screen). By change I mean does that initial quirkiness of the AI with customized squads eventually wash out, ie, 'board goals' change each season instead of just being set at the start of a CM and not changing.

    Hope some of this makes sense.
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