Zlatan 90 vs 88 worth the difference?

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In your opinion is it worth it?


  • Gromit
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    Not used but, unless you need the Serie A chem link no chance.

    90k versus 750k for small upgrades you won't notice.
  • SydneyFC
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    edited March 2020
    nope, not worth it stat wise,
    +3 pace isnt going to be noticeable
    +10 strength and +10 aggression is a huge upgrade but he is already a beast with 89 strength, 86 aggression
    reactions are a key stat in this game so -2 on that, and -2 on all dribbling stats except composure, makes it
    not worth it throwing 780k just for the Serie A links, i played him on 8 chem for a longtime and he was still a beast

  • newguy
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    Not worth it for a dribbling downgrade
  • Amargaladaster26
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    Worth it for Grande Milan crest alone. B)
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