Winning the league - heres what happens

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Just won the premier league - heres what happened after in career mode

1. Was asked why we blew it (didnt win the game) in post game press conferences instead of if we were celebrating. Then was asked why a player didnt play. Then was asked if we thought we had a chance winning the league.
2. No mention of the win in the breaking news, world news, or club news

Its almost April. Career mode still isnt programmed to even acknowledge when you win the premier league. This is totally pathetic.


  • MJD85
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    Why did they introduce press conferences with this poor quality???
    It’s a waste of time for them and for us.

    Pathetic it is.
  • ArneMueller
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    The only thing press conference are good for is to abuse them to get every player super happy and increase the dynamic potential for the entire squad.

    For the game I agree, is pathetic and very uninstresting.
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