What happens during a lag/freeze?

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I was having great game last night; end to end tied at 2-2 with five minutes left. Then it got very laggy. It come on for a couple of seconds, then freeze, then the same again. I couldn't control my players at all. My opponent did a couple of passes I could not do anything about and won the game. It seemed suspicious that it was almost deliberate but most likely a coincidence. But what happens during a lag? Do both games show lag frozen in the exact same place and come back at the same time so it's the same for both, or is one person "playing" for a second or two and the other is frozen then catches up? It just seems I could do nothing to stop this goal.


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    I played with a 4g box recently as my BT internet was down and as part of the service they give you this 4G wifi replacement box. I played 2 games with it but the connection was rubbish so I stopped playing. What i noticed was when my opponents players froze (this was noticeable as they stopped moving) mine moved in slow motion so I could still play and arguably more effectively. I think some people could use this to cheat but it could also be a dropping down of the stability of signal or strength of their internet and not their fault.

    My advice is only play games on green latency then if it happens, I get suspicious of them potentially cheating. If they using it to cheat unfortunately you can’t do much about it, one option to check is to pause until the pitch behind the menu stops lagging. But as you only get 3 pauses this isn’t very effective if they are using it to cheat.
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