Selling 87-90s

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With these cards currently going for at least twice what they were before the mid-icon SBC, thinking perhaps dumping some of these I have, then maybe buying back when the SBC is over when the price tank. For example, I have Greisman that I really don't find to be that great (I put a Hunter on him last night so going to give him another chance) that I could sell for 250k then buy back for half the price in a few weeks.

Same for my others like Kane 89, Ter Stegen 90, Kolarov (87 TOTW) etc.


  • ChappellRovers
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    I think its a good idea. If you are going do it make sure you do it soon as there havent been any pack sbcs they will go quickly, whereas the longer you wait the less likely you will be to get a fortune for them.
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