+7min extra time when it says 2 min?????????????

It says that the minimum extra time is 2 min, now the game never ends, i keep shooting the ball to the enemy half to end the game, but it keeps goning on and on even if the ball is in the middle.
the enemy scores in minute 127, is this a funny cup match thing or what?


  • hhoverflow
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    Maybe the game wanted him to score?
    Maybe he is using a cheat?

    Who knows.... All we know is that the game is utterly broken and EA don't care for PC players because most of their income comes from console.

    But guess what? They don't care for console either. What they do care is to make promos, so hopefully people buy fifa points and open packs.

  • haha yeap I know.

    FIFA is potential a really fantastic game IF EA just did a few small adjustments.
    too bad money destroys every great game we see so far: runescape, world of warcraft, fifa, etc etc all once so huge legendary games that got destroyed by money wolves who only want as much profit as possible
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    It's ironic, but what a coincidence to see this. I was looking at this video from November 2019 earlier today only to see a thread of similar complaint about added minutes not matching the real added time.

    This video shows 8 minutes added time when it was meant to be 2 minutes! And actually this is Playstation version that means your opponent did not cheat on this particular occasion. The extra minutes added were simply programmed from the game.
  • wow this video is even worse!

    Now I'm really curious about what the exact thing is that triggers those crazy amount of unfair minutes???

    Maybe they have some formula based on small percentages for additional minutes with extreme rare outcome, in that case it is crazy but still fair.
    But if the amount of minutes is based on something else, then it means it can be manipulated and abused by a player...

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