Ping and Ping lag compensation

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I played Rivals about 9 times today. All games but one, my team was sllllooooowwww, unresponsive, I hit trigger run & nothing happens, I hit b to win ball -- nada happens, I slide in perfect time-- nothing happens, shots are dung, why ai team standing around.

I had good Ping at the beginning of all my games 12 - 20ms.

So you techies -- assuming it is not skill related -- would my gameplay experience be ping-latency compensation where EA is compensating for the person I am playing who may have worse ping?

Rivals is like a bad Star Trek episode -- you never know what the mechanics and gameplay will be like.....

Or another analogy, playing Rivals because of its absolute unreliability for consistent and fair gameplay -- is like learning how to surf in bad waves --- you maybe stand up for a few seconds until the wave is over or just eat it because its a junk wave -- you paddle around trying to catch waves and mostly the waves are almost impossible to catch -- and when you do get on one, the fun only lasts for a couple seconds most....but those couple seconds give you hope that someday you are going to have consistent, smooth fun rides..... the analogy breaks down in that EA and Rivals in particular consistently underperforms & the gameplay rarely improves -- because as some forums and experts who have experience designing games write -- they re-use the same basic platform -- which obviously EA has done with 20.


  • aziz_221
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    Me too my players looks like 70 rated
    My CBs VDK 99 De ligt 96 they couldn't stop 82 and 85 players

    When I want to do fast pass my players take long time

    With this servers your good players become useless
  • BiigDee
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    I honestly don’t understand how it works, at 24/26 ping I had no control over my players, passing shooting etc but I had a game on 64/64 ping and won 5-2..
  • aziz_221
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    The routers will not help you lower the ping if you use console I have netduma r1 it is good for games with host but with servers will not help you

    But you can change the server and I noticed that I play normaly 24 ms ping to the close server but the game is very bad
    When I play on other servers with 50¬100 ms the game is smoother
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