how to defend in fifa 20? big dissapointment

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hi i play fifa the last two years and i am very disapointed,i concede mny goals.i think fifa is very bad in defending and i think of not buying the game again.can anyone please say me how to defend? this is how i defend myself.when i lose the ball,i keep pressed the jockey all the time and if the opponent is away from my area i press the sprint button to make it fast jockey.if the opponent is outside my area or indide i press the jockey and i press and leave the sprint button depending on the movement of the opponent if he is moving slowly or if he is sprinting.and if he is close by i press the hard tackle to push him off and earn the ball.please tell me someone how to defend i am very very disapointed


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    You can also use custom tactics which you can find all over the forum or on YouTube if you are not familiar with them.

    Edited a part that was more for online. Just noticed you are in regular gd.
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    play an easier mode / level. Don't jump to Legendary straightaway
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