What do you do with your high level duplicate untradables

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I've got 3 reasonably high untradable duplicates (85+). I would normally just chuck them in any SBC to get fodder as there is nothing that I can easily upgrade with them.

Between the mid icon, St Patrick's and POTM I have to much choice and none of them seem like brilliant options?

What would you do - Mcgeady/Sancho/Thauvin? Or just suck it up and do the mid icon?


  • passpassshootpost
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    Mid icon for the gamble
  • Bags
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    If you can wait, they added an 84+ sbc into the code last night so expect to see it at 6pm uk time today. Just throw them into that. Am guessing it will be an 83 squad.

    Normally I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole when there is nothing in packs but you might as well if you have duplicate untradables
  • LiamSully
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    How about the player SBCs that don’t expire?
    Hazard, Sandro, Vidal... none of these fit your team long term, something to work towards?
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