WL Whats up with the huge swing in skill discrepancy??

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With real football being shut down and coved travel limitations, this is the first weekend all year I've had to play WL, so this is my first sustained WL.

I'm in Europe and was on the servers 0830 Euro time. First game was a very good squad, but the dude in a 4222. His team was 4 points rated higher than mine.... but it was insane getting the ball out of midfield & the cb recovery when I blew by were seriously frustrating.....

The other 4 qualifiers I should have won 3 of the 4, but my team seemed in concrete, passes going to no where, shots so far off......

Played 5 other games now and have won 4 of the 6, 1 to a team that's 2 million more than mine, the other to a same level team.

Here's the question. When I am getting my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ kicked, I notice lag and I look like a peep who is a beetroot noob....reactions are late, opponents cbs and miss close on my guys before they can move even when I've clearly beaten them.

All games but one that I won, I feel like the dude losing is in the same situation I was when I was getting my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ kicked....like the dudes experiencing lag and like he is playing versus mechanics and me.

I only play on 12 - 22ms ping.

This being my first full day playing WL, what's the deal? Each game is a new and wonderful discovery ---NOT -- each game mechanics are unpredictable and sometimes my team ate a huge ❤️❤️❤️❤️ burrito before the game, other times they took banned substances and are basically radioactive.

How erratic is WL servers and mechanics? I thought EA put them on different servers etc....



  • Dave2791
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    Welcome to the Weekend League.

    Lag compensation and suprise mechanics are your best friends or worst enemy
  • SStubbs88
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    My first game of WL this year. I’m up 3-2. Then his next two attacks he sprints towards my cb, my cb takes the ball but whilst he’s trying to control it his player just keeps sprinting forward, taking the ball off my cb, to be threw on goal. Lost 4-3. So i can see how this is going to go.
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