Gameplay after Patch #13

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Hi to all out their, still trying to play this messed up peace of garb..
[not an insult to use CM players (me included), just in insult to the game we play and loved]

I just woundering is it just me or is something strange happing after the patch #13 in the game play. I can not really descript it, but for me it feels strange. I played 2 1/2 games after the patch #13 and rage quit the last game. I don't know in my oppinion EA did something in the game play. My fast winger can get away, passed seems more error based and the shots are not as good as before. On the other hand the AI looks like they play harder. More tackling, 100% acc. in the long balls. (I did not touch any slider in the last couple of weeks)

I went back to legendary mode a while back, but currently I have real problems scoring goals and defending the zero. My last game prior to patch #13 was 15-0 but now I only score 2 or 3 goals at halftime and the AI ways get 2 shoots on goal and make 1 or 2 scores with it. (I played against Hertha BSC 4-0, Schalke 5-0 and Mainz with FC Bayern)

So I wondering does anybody else feel like somethings strange has changed, that was not mentionted in the title update notes, or is it just me? (BTW I'm playing on PS4)
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