its gone to far, fut market is dead. can anything be done?

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so i felt inspired tonight and thought is drop some coins and build a new team. started searching on the market for a pricey player to build around. after setting the lowest price to 50 k i proceeded to go through all the major leagues and there is in total 20 +50 k ifs, tots, toty, motm, hero, tott cards on the market.

this is insane! like you cant even get a rare gold player anymore. and this is during a week of a pretty sick special cards release. there has been no real updates to the price ranges in forever, its like ea just went f it and gave up.

lets face it. something is seriously wrong when the only way you can build a beast team is to beg on the forum for the chance to beat out someone else spamming the market for the specific player you are looking for.

id rather go back to like it was in 14 when every top rated player pretty much maxed out at 15 million. atleast you had a chance at getting some of them.try to do a road to glory its, impossible to upgrade your team.

with the release if 16 coming up, what can be done to make sure this never happen again? i have a few suggestions.

1. reduce the cost of points, 2. up the card weight, 3 ea has to put extinct cards on the market when no one is willing to sell.

this i belive would get people to open more packs, it would keep the prices low and the market full at all times

worst case, remove price ranges all together and just manage the market by flooding it with extinct players when people are trying to price fix or hoard them.

just a few thoughts i had, not all that thought out. its just getting really frustrating when you cant work or buy your way to that new player you had looked forward to to try out

so lets hear it guys whats your ideas on fixing this issue


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    the only real solution would be to stop coinselling

    that would stop the mass inflation and therefore players would be available and affordable

    but i've given up hope to be honest. it's been like this for a very long time, and nothing effective has been done about it.
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