Create an SBC

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I feel like SBCs need something incredibly special to get the hype back, not seen one for ages that I've been desperate to complete. So how about some ideas of what your ultimate SBC would be. What Reward would give you the feverish excitement to jump back on and complete one?
Who knows, maybe the EA devs will steal the idea if its good enough.

My idea - Not sure of requirement uniqueness im afraid so the standard 86 rated with one Inform, but the reward would be a player pick of 3. However, the picks would be from every 'event' released this year. Maybe you'd get the choice of a Future Stars Greenwood or Shapeshifter Richarlison or Headliner Neymar. You could also get EA'd and end up with my pack luck, a player pick of either OTW Maguire, Scream Medel or Winter Refresh Limbombe. I'd be excited as hell to see what popped up though, and inevitable meltdown on here :)
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