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What is this nonsense? EA love the self relegators as they make starting fresh with no money almost impossible. I just wanted to play a little bit of FIFA on the PS4 but nope.

They've unfairly banned my PC account. I'm playing on PS4 just to get my fix but I think this is finally enough.

How does this even work? Prime Icons every game. How are you meant to compete? How are these people in div 6/7?? It is beyond me. Can't win a game because I'm 4-0 down in 15 mins to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ TOTY Mbappe in div 7.

It is truly impossible to play FUT without spending £££.

EA achieved their goal.


  • JWNYsg
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    honestly think the matchmaking has no bearing to Division rank
  • TheTataGuy
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    I am also doing a rtg on PS4, lost all my placement matches on purpose, was placed in div 7 , now sitting in div 4, it's pretty doable if you build a meta team
  • Hitb1404
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    True, without $$$ you will never get to div 1.everyone is saying that squad doesnt matter, only skills, but i think its 30% of you success. If 2 players are on similar skill level, the one with totys will smash the other guy
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