The rise of the Fallen: The appointment of Ruiz Cordoba

Ruiz Cordoba grew up in a poor community in Botafogo with his parents. When he turned 13 he was invited to the Youth Academy where he stood out as a physically strong striker. By the time he was 16 he was being scouted by clubs around Europe until tragedy struck.
Ruiz was driving to the training grounds with a fellow youth academy player when they swerved into a ditch, Ruiz suffered a career ending head injury which required surgery whereas his friend Pablo died from brain trauma both lads were soon discovered to not have been wearing seat belts at the time of the accident. Once Ruiz learned that his Soccer dream was over he turned to drugs and alcohol to get rid of his depression Eventually Ruiz Cordoba became an addict at the age of 18, right when he thought his life was over the Botafogo general manager Arthur Bernandes knocked on his door with an offer. His father greeted the gaffer and offered him something to drink before offering him a seat. Ruiz stood up to shake the gaffer’s hand before asking politely why he was in his home. Mr Bernandes went over the contract and the clauses that would be offered if he took the position as head scout for Botofago. Ruiz gladly accepted the offer and asked when he would start, “Tomorrow morning. replied the gaffer. The two would shake hands to seal the deal and the gaffer would walk away.
For the next 18 years Cordoba would scout world class Brazilian talents that would go on to have storied careers across Europe Cordoba was soon recognized for this and before he knew it he would get the opportunity of a lifetime.
In 2016 tragedy struck and a plane full of Chapecoense players and coaches crashed and many of them perished except for a few players. When Cordoba heard this he decided it would be the perfect opportunity for him to make a name for himself and potentially get a Job managing European sides like Barca or Real Madrid.

Cordoba booked the next flight to Chapecoense and started thinking about the opportunity he could have on making Chapecoense his own vision on how a football club should be operated and imagined that the board wouldn’t be to demanding on domestic success but that he would have to build a youth academy that can grow into players that can compete with the best players that Lig da Brazil had to offer. When he arrived at the Chapecoense facility he felt a sense of confidence as he walked through the hallways until he found the owner talking with one of the board members. Cordoba waited until the owner was finished talking before he walked up to introduce himself. The Chapecoense owner held his hand up before Cordoba introduced himself, "Cordoba, right young man the scout of Botafogo. Cordoba shook his head yes, The owner went on reciting Cordoba's resume stating that he would have a bright future in management. Cordoba went on explaining that he was very eager on taking Chapecoense from the ashes to South American giants before he even considered moving on to bigger and better things. The owner listened intently and then stopped him again. Son you have the job if you feel you can take the pressure of reviving this club. Cordoba shook his hand, "one last question, when do I start.
Please note that most of this is fiction so any negative comments keep to yourself unless it's constructive
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