Bug: No names on line-ups

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Sometimes there are no names on the line-ups that are shown when the match begins. There are pictures of 11 shirts on each team, but with no names.



  • MikeM24
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    Happens in MLS. It's because the text is white, and so is the text box. It is there, but blends in.
  • Same problem in the FA Cup presentation and the standard FIFA 20 presentation package
  • Kevkai
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    Dear EA-Team,
    it's look like, that this problem is in every competition an league, except for the premier league. Please fix this as soon as possible.
  • Runkeldunk
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    It's also in the Premier League.
  • SBaggio59
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    This happens because when they develop their game, they don't test it enough and suddenly forget about this type of development.

    EA is going too fast to create these games. Lack of attention and maybe time ...

    I understand that developing a video game is not always easy. But, they sell them to customers, they have to be a lot more careful. I find that they rely too much on updates, if the work had been tested and done properly from the start, this would not have happened.
  • Kasa
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    Anyone found a solution for this glitch?
  • MikeM24
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    Started a custom tournament with MLS teams, the lineup comes up fine at first, but then when it displays the formation, the names change to "Undifined". Looks like they've removed the assets from the formation screen itself.
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