Please bring daily objectives back :(

Please would it be possible for you to bring back daily objectives even just for a week or two, I feel this is a bit unfair as I only have the star pupil trophy to unlock for the platinum and I know several others who also feel massively disappointed by this removal of content needed for trophies. I understand games when they close servers but removing content such as this which is a relatively simple part of the game, I think this is rather disappointing. Would it be possible to simply add them back for another week similar to the way you have done with fut 19 weekend champions league? Hopefully you understand my disappointment


  • Byrnzie28
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    I agree. We paid money for the game, spent a year acquiring a good team, and then they leave us with just Squad Battles.
    They should provide us with some other content too instead of just expecting us to bin the game and spend more money on the next installment.
    GTA5 has been going for about ten years now with regular updates. At least give those of us still playing old versions of FIFA something apart from Squad Battles.
  • Come on guys, the more support this post receives the more likely they are to actually bring back daily objectives
  • Kir4o
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    Hi EA, I think with something so simple you will make many people very happy. Many of us have been hoping for months to return to the daily objectives, even in a few days. I hope you respect the request of your fans and allow them to complete this amazing game.
  • I am also in that situation, I plan to achieve all the achievements, but I was a little late and I did not manage to make a daily objective, I feel that it is something very dumb that they close something very simple and maintain the weekly objectives, at least put some to an end week, they would make many people happy
  • Yes EA even if you could bring back 1 set of daily objectives so everyone can get there achievements and no one is missing out.
  • Hello, I just need the daily objective trophies for the Platinum. Can they be brought back?
  • Is it possible to bring daily objectives back? please only for a week or a few days just for people like me that don't have the star pupil trophy be able to do so
  • please bring back daily objectives for fifa 18
  • Tiz_357
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    Not enough trophy hunters for them to care about it
  • Rolexmrcr
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    Can you enable this trophy again? Or we need to do a micro transaction to get it back?
  • Hello, I would like to got this trophy too.
    Please, enable this feature again.
  • Is there any chance at least one daily objective become available? It should not be hard as week are still updating.
  • Please EA, Bring back just for one day :(

    You still have FIFA 16 servers open and can't release a miser FIFA 19 trophy?

    It's very dirty! So edit the way to get the trophy at least... Many players will not be able to platinum because of this trophy...

    PLEASE! :(
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