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Pro club player rating

I have played over 150 games of pro clubs for my current club and at least 100 games for other clubs. I play as the ‘any’ slot and have more goals/assists than games. However, my rating has been stuck on 85 for around 100 games and my stats no longer improve after games. I have achieved all of the skill points on offer so the issue is not related to that. Does anyone else have this issue at the moment? Do you think the issue is cause by me playing as the ‘any’ and therefore my individual progress is lost in some way?


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    To my knowledge there are altogether at least six ways to improve your players abilities/performance/lvl, etc.

    But only four ways to increase his level. How high i dont know but ive seen players in drop ins at 90 or higher. But maxing skill points is one way (110). One other way is by playing a lot of pro club games; either with your pro club team or in drop in games to also max out his ablilities, but Im not sure how many games but im sure that youll reach max skill points a lot faster than maxing out abilities. But after each game you notice if you maxed out one or more of your abilities. So both of those will also effect lvl. Thirdly, how you distribute your gained skill points will also effect players lvl, try to aim for a perfect skill tree depending on the role on the field you have picked; forward or midfild, etc. Lastly, how you set the players height and weight will also effect his player lvl. Thats it! (note: I call it lvl not rating).

    Then for even better performance one also need to learn the game with using the hand controller, understanding game mechanics, etc wich comes with more experience playing/training, etc. Lastly a good inernet connection is needed, of course. Yea, one more way is also technical one, to use a wired hand control rather than a wireless one. But you didnt ask for this, just read the 4 ways above...
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  • Thanks for your input but i don’t think you fully understood what my point was ( this is because of my bad explanation). What i’m trying to say is that my players stats no longer grow. Without being big-headed, i am the best at fifa in my pro clubs team (hence why i play as the ‘any’) and have good performances every game with goals/assists. However, my rating is stuck on 85 while my friends ratings have all increased. I think this is something to do with me playing as the ‘any’?

    While i appreciate that my player does not have the perfect distribution of skill points or the optimum height/weight, i do not think that it is the reason my player does not increase on rating and individual attributes. This may be due to a bug, or may be because i play as the ‘any’ and my individual performances and progress gets ‘lost’.

    I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced this? Also, i have played more games than my friends with greater goals/assists to game ratio so this leads me to believe that this is a bug.

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    Well you could experiment a little with weight and height, especially try low height and weight, but i guess it could have something to do with 'any'...
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