[PC Only] After today's patch - DNF after every rival or SB match


  • Vanch
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    Happening to me also on PC. Can't even build up my DR Rank in time for rewards tomorrow now.
  • Can you tell how the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hell can my friend play on his PC on same internet play rivals without dc, and I dont?!?!?!

    How can I play for rank 1 rewards in rivals, or do objectives now? How can be that fair that others really can?

    This is so unbelieveble.
  • We tried friendlies also, and he get through end of the game, I didnt. DNF message of course.
  • Last reaction was from like 5 hours ago, can you maybe update us? what are you doing?

    Just imagine to play this game, just be a gamer for ones, please. You can then maybe understand why are so many angry people in this community.
  • greif44
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    Same here
    Wanted to finish rest of season objectives for SMS card but apparently not getting there
  • Same issue. Lost 4 rival games..dnf modifier must have increased as well. damn it. cant complete the objectives.
  • Location : India
    ISP : Ani Network
  • greggles
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    @EA_Roger get them to close down matchmaking for goodness sake man, whats the point in playing it if its broken.
  • Vanch
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    Any news? Has this been fixed yet?
  • Vanch
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    Just played a SB game, and didn't get kicked when the game finished. It counted as well, so hopefully it's fixed.
  • I'm from Argentina, after today's patch having issues.
    Just won 2 SB games for James objectives and I was kicked out of FUT when games finished.
    @EA_Roger Are you going to give us back those wins? Season end in 1 day
  • shadowlee
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    4 am uk time, still not fixed , same thing happens in rivals
  • Carlo
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    13 hours and still no update from EA_Help ?!

    Could you please chase them back for an update @EA_Roger ? I am now stuck on rank 4 in div 3 because of this? Difference between rank 4 and 3 is huge though ... We want to be compensated for that ! We ain't paying for nothing
  • victorblde
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    Ok, so the time has come to me to create a account on EA forums. Since no one from EA will ever read my history, i decided to say everything that is stuck in my throat.

    I've been playing FIFA since FIFA 98. i've been a loyal costumer to FIFA series (never bought any other game from EA besides NFS series, because we all know what EA are about) and never let it down. All the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that all other FIFA series came along, I held up quietly.

    But after todays patch, my patience is over. I mean, WHAT THE HELL EA SPORTS, every patch that cames out, the game became worse and worse. After todays patch, something happened that I had never seen... I GOT A ❤️❤️❤️❤️ DNF ON EVERY ❤️❤️❤️❤️ GAME THAT I PLAY ON FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM. I play rivals and get a W, i got a BIG DNF after the game ends... i LOSE, i got a DNF, i draw... guess what... DNF! So, i decided to gave up and try to play something that i've never experienced before on FIFA, i went to Squad Battles. Well, playing against CPU is a planty of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ as we all know and gues what... I GOT A DNF TOO on every SINGLE GAME that i've played!

    To sum up, i tried EA Sports, i've never let you down. I know I'm just one costumer before dozens of millions of players... but if one by one slowly give up too, you have no longer a game to develop. I'M SO ❤️❤️❤️❤️ TIRED OF YOU EA. I'M DONE!

    One more thing, I'm from Brazil and, when i saw the trailer of copa libertadores, i swear that i was so excited to play... BUT HOW ON EARTH, WHITH THOSE MILLIONS THAT YOU MADE WITH FUT, you couldn't buy the licenses of brazilian teams? You have no excueses not to include the full license of brazilians teams on your game since PES have the rights since forever. If ❤️❤️❤️❤️ KONAMI can make, you can make too.

    Besides that, i'd like to thank those who read my replay. I just have to... i just have...


    Edit: so, @EA_Roger seems that u read a VERY few comments on this forum. I hope you read mine too. Looking foward to that!
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  • Where is support? 13hours!!! My Rival rank droped rank 2. Pc players dont test player. If u do a patch,before you test and submit.This year my last fifa. Thanks €a
  • shadowlee
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    can you imagane the flack this would get if they drop the patch on console today, and it does the same for them. You tube videos would be amazing to watch :)
  • shadowlee
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    can confirm 7.15 am uk time, just played a game ,in rivals. i won 5-1 and i got the cannot process this rubbish at end of match and a dnf yet again when reconnecting to fut , its totally screwed still , do not bother
  • vSteFaN
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    I relegated to division 8 because of this bug, I want points back or some packs.. nick: ASTiXStefan
  • PjHuK
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    Please @EA_Roger, disable matchmaking - this is beyond ridiculous now.
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  • Seleukos
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    @EA_Roger : can you please give us any informations!!!
  • shepj6
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    If this was an Xbox or PS4 problem then match making would’ve been disabled straight away, absolutely ridiculous.
  • PiotrLolo
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    Still not working?
  • shadowlee
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    PiotrLolo wrote: »
    Still not working?

    of course not:)
  • ov3rhear
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    Yeah same sh <3<3 show today. Was able to play one SB. All rivals games had the same issue. Tried setting google and cloudfare DNS provider on my connection, rebooted, same issue.
    No update, no compensation expected, cant play the game i paid for.
    Are you never ashamed?
  • Still broken.......
  • My first post here. I don't always have the time to play so I actually planned in advance to take today off so that I do my rivals fut swaps objectives. After 3 matches, 2 wins and a loss, all DNF....i find this lovely thread.

    You guys are really something else. 20 hours and you haven't even disabled matchmaking? What's the damn point of getting everyone pissed off even more than they should. Just like my guy above, I've been playing fifa for a long time but maybe i'm another customer you lose this year. Like victorblde i might be but many ones from across the globe might feel just as sick of this.

    I've been stacking fut swap cards for almost 3 months for Essienne and now I can't finish it because you don't give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️? Please spare us the "we'll let you know when we have more information. I work in support, I know what that ❤️❤️❤️❤️ means.
  • abycru
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    @EA_Roger - the patch yesterday makes it impossible to finish a game. We can login into fut without problems. We can open rewards, open packs, buying packs, doing sbc's. We can join a game without problems, but when the game is finished, we getting the message which was posted severals times before. So its impossible to play the game, when every game which is played count as lose because we cant send the information back to the EA server.

    Like some others told before, this problem is acutally after the patch yesterday. I tried every step in the EA - help section, with open ports, clearing dns, starting as admin the game etc. Nothing has changed. I know issues like this are difficult to eliminate, and im sure we're ok with it when it needs around 2 days to fix it, but atleast share some information. We all payed for fifa 20, and actually we cant play the game because of mistake of EA. 1 day is nothing i got it, but it would help when we can read that EA is really looking into this problem. Actually we all feel lonly. The game which we love isnt playable, and the only side which can fix this problem (EA) is quite and giving no real feedback.

    Because no one else wrote it down, I am from Germany, my Internet Provider ist Unitymedia/Vodafone.

    Would be nice if we get atleast some shared information.
  • @abycru many people wrote these details since yesterday when @EA_Roger asked for them. but nobody has answered since then with any updates or atleast to stop match making
  • EA_Roger
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    Apologies for the delayed reply, here is the latest update on this. While this isn't the final solution this should be a valid workaround while you are waiting:

  • shadowlee
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    EA_Roger wrote: »
    Apologies for the delayed reply, here is the latest update on this. While this isn't the final solution this should be a valid workaround while you are waiting:

    Thank you for the update, but to be honest that work around is just silly, people need to change there formations in game, . I appreciate the input but that i s not really good enough after this amount of time. But thank you anyway , at least people know it is being worked on
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