Rivals rating is just worse than ever.

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So I spent 2 months in Div 3, and the last 2 months in Div 2. Those were my last 4 months.

Since the patch, OF COURSE, I can't get a win, and lost 500 points. Down from 1820 to currently 1310.

There are no differences between the players I played during slightly more than 2 months in Div 2 and the ones I face now in the div 4 (almost div 5 now). None, zero. Do not have one single easy game despite being just one week ago 500 SR points higher of the players I now face-

All of them are sweaty as ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and they just play like the ones in Div 2, and div 3. No difference whatsoever, nothing.

In fact, even in Div 2, I had the odd game winning 4-0 after 30 or at half, I did not get one since I got into Div 4, and some of the players I face are just better than some of the ones I faced in Div 2.

It's all such a joke.

These Rivals objectives has to be the dumbest thing EA has ever done, and this is saying much given the number of bs they manage to come up with.
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