Any reviews for CONMEBOL players?

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These players are really looking juiced up. Seriously debating about whether or not to sell my team and bench untradeable TOTY Mane for the squad below. Any reviews on those players would be much appreciated:



  • RexAnglo1066
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    People are complaining about the lack of links etc...but there are quite a few Argentines and Chileans playing in Ligue 1, and Serie A.

    A little creative thinking can quite easily shoe horn some of the better players into a hybrid.

    If you can open up an Argentine link you've obviously got Messi, Dybala, Higuain, DiMaria work in.
  • freakjas
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    Scocco is pretty average. He was pretty invisible in most of the games I’ve played, his finishing is good but not exceptional.
    But then again he only costs 20k so idk
  • Yermawfc
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    polenta is sensational value if you can fit him in, hes very similar to rio and an absolute unit
  • abbey621
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    Opazo is perhaps the best value, move him to CDM or CM and watch the magic. The 5 star weakfoot and the acceleration means he can waltz from defense to attack in a flash and score some beauty.
  • CustardHippo
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    451, you can get Opazo and Fuenzalida in RB/RM, Banguero and Hinestroza LB/LM, then you can put FB Diaz at CM with Rojas + Scocco or Lisandro Lopez or Cardozo at CAM, or Tevez if you can budget in. Icons help, most people have a couple these days.

    I picked up Opazo and a couple of others for discard. Cabrera and Buonanotte are both awesome by the way. So is Puch the Chilean LW.

    Maybe they release a couple more as SBCs or Objectives and they are CBs. Polenta, the Uruguayan CB, he looks IMMENSE! But getting him in means using the Uruguayan RB or some icons, he is a little harder to link. Or use Osio as the other CB, Icon GK and Icon CMs/RB/LB etc.

    Most can be put in actually quite easily!
  • PS-4-ADC
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    Valencia looks incredible for CDM
  • D0lvl
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    Anyone used Borja? Packed him last night and he seems usable.
  • Destin8or
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    Am I the only one that thinks the card design is disgusting?
    I can't bring myself to buy one.... Rojas looks decent, I did FB Diaz, he's good
  • sheffutd87
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    Opazo is fantastic!

    Fuenzalida is a fun card too. 2,400 in game stats with a small / lean body type. He’s so quick and turns on a button.
  • Professor
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    Valencia is the best RB I've used.
  • Brustring1893
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    All these cards look really good tbh, especially the RBs. I’m just really struggling with benching someone like swaps Zambrotta even though he has not been performing for me so far. Would mean grinding swaps has been useless but that also limits squad building very much.
  • PaulDr
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    I packed Banguero, he would be on 10 chemistry. Was going to do Sandro to upgrade from 87 Telles - worth trying this guy out first?
  • Supernibz
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    sheffutd87 wrote: »
    Opazo is fantastic!

    Fuenzalida is a fun card too. 2,400 in game stats with a small / lean body type. He’s so quick and turns on a button.

    Fuenzalida is v. good
  • stuiggs07
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    So far i've used Fuenzalida, Diaz, Mouche & Opazo.

    Opazo is solid. Lightning quick and solid defensively.

    Fuenzalida and Mouche are immense. Fuenzalida has 6g4a in 7 games & Mouche has 8g6a in 7 games. Play either side of maradona in a 4321. I was a bit concerned with their lack of composure at first glance but stick a sniper on them and they dont seem to miss.

    Diaz plays a lot like Kante. i play him as a B2B and he is everywhere popping up with goals and assists nearly everygame as well as always being in the right place to defend.

    For what some of these cards are going for you really cant go wrong.
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    I have fuendalida, opaza, and rojas in my starting line up replacing james, kante, and cancelo and they are def all op cards opaza especially is a beast
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