Another **** after the update

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Once again, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ after the patch! Of the 10 passes, two passes go where the AI ​​wants. Ignores the direction and strength of the pass. Yes, how much can you see it ?! Now not even input delay but ignoring input !!! I press the buttons - selection, tackle, interception. The player both stood and stands does not respond to input. This is a mess! Player switching about stupid. The game shows which next player will be included. I press will switch to the player and at that moment the player does not turn on and he turns on the next player’s inclusion icon. I click on the player switch again. They again show me that this player will be included next. Why does it show the inclusion of the next player and not include it? Even at the moments when the player is (he is standing next to the ball) it shows me that the player is next on the switch. It should already be active. I have to press the button two times at a time when it is enough once.
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