Started with 7 - 5 this weekend

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And now lost 2 in a row with 7 goals conceded. Git gud ea. Dont give me elite payers while i am only gold 3 player


  • Fifa_Hawk_85
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    Think it's you that needs to "git gud" 😂
  • number7rocky
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    You won't be playing elite players at 7-5
  • invictus1
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    7-5.... And youre not expecting 2 losses in a row
  • Dave2791
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    I've had quite a few runs like that. Believe me, we have to get better, I started practicing skills and different types of fake shots, and it makes a huge difference, use high pressure instead of dropback.
    Use a different formation other than 4231, one where you feel like you have fun attacking. You won't become a pro, but you will gradually improve....

    But the best solution, is to quit fifa. Move to PES.
  • Ballist1x
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    I'm still raging about dragback spam which is just all f ing game in WL fifa just nerf this stupid mechanic.
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