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A little about me, I have been playing pro clubs for as long as I can remember on this Fifa franchise, in my opinion it is one of the best game modes on the game. I have been playing in a 2/3 man team for a long time now and getting some good success we went on a 40 game unbeaten run at one point, we could never quite get over the line however.

Unfortunately my mate does not play as often as me so I have been playing drop ins which are torture, I am not looking for 1 or 2 lads to form a team with and go on the biggest unbeaten run there is, I am generally okay with losing 1 game in every 10 we play, ideally lose none. I love winning and it’s the team that comes first, if that means someone doesn’t score for a couple games but the team wins then that’s fine.

People who don’t know the basics of football either real or virtual then I would rather not play on the same team as you, I want lads who are decent banter and can work out when to pass when to shot and what runs to make.

PSN: dazLOVESchez

Contact me on there or here and let’s get a team everyone fears together.

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