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How can the developers of this game be happy with their product?

What have you done to make Pro Clubs AI the worse thing in years? Why does the computer AI play HALL OF FAME level 99 rating defense, but can't make a 10 yard pass to a teammate, nor score a goal with the ball right in front of the net wide open? How in the world did you let this product get released to the public? HOW can you live with yourselves and call yourselves VIDEO GAME DEVELOPERS? Do you know how sports work? Did yall just say EFF Pro Clubs logic and work on that stupid Volta mode, which is even more stupid because you can't even play that mode with your friends? what did yall do the past 365 days to improve this product? I know yall don;t give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ because this is going to be a high selling game regardless, like Madden and NBA 2k developers...but you should all be ashamed. As as avid player who has put THOUSANDS of hours into FIFA since 2010, you suck, and have disappointed a dedicated and loyal fan Holla at me next year and I'll let you idiots know what you need to work on before you even release it to the public. Cool?


a disappointed FIFA fan.


  • RobRokk
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    My thoughts to why proclubs is left behind is simply beause of money, it doesnt make them money more than the initial purchase of the game. Not like fut where ppl spend money buying fifa points get better cards. So they want ppl to move to fut.
  • HysxteriA
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    FIFA points.
  • funny...since this post...I've had to create my pro clubs character over...and I've gotten ZERO skills points for my guy
  • Korthan
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    It's a boring grind this year anyway.

    Almost impossible to score, OP super defenders who can outrun and out muscle you every time, OP keepers, two almost impenetrable walls of four in defence blocking most of your shots, shooting nerfed, crosses nerfed, double tap crosses nerfed, LBY nerfed, headers nerfed, pace nerfed, through balls nerfed, penalties nerfed, free kicks nerfed, players who can't gather a ball and control it while running...

    Unless you're playing drop-in matches on my team then the bot defenders are useless, the bots blast the ball upfield or straight to opposition players while the other team's bots pass and move like Spain.
  • MarioBamba
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    You're right. After many years, me and my friends stop playing FIFA (we played only Pro Clubs) and switch to PES
  • The question isn't "How can the developers of this game be happy with their product" but rather " how can someone who is so unhappy with a product continue to spend countless hours on said product?"

    I get it man. You love the product so much that in spite of all of its "imperfections" (and I think even the developers know it isnt flawless) you continue to spend hours upon hours frustrating yourself with it. For the most part, if you acquaint yourself with the physics of the game of football, you'll realize there's no better football simulator than EA Sports' FIFA title.
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