EA Can't do nice things, it ruins the game even more!

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So, I logged on and saw the players days objectives. Happy days, something new and rewarding.

Then you go into a WL game. Oh my word the cancer that ensues from this community is crazy. I normally stop on 14-17 wins as I don't have time for all my games due to weekend schedules (managing a team takes up a LOT of time).

I'm 1-2 from the worst gameplay I've possibly ever experienced. Not delay or anything. Opponents.

I just had a guy pass around his defence from the 11th minute when he scored a deflection goal to go 1-0 up.

Honestly, the extra rewards are lovely and something positive from EA for once.

The community however is possibly the sweatiest and most toxic community I ever witnessed...and I play LoL.

Addiction literally breeds toxicity, no matter the addiction.


  • Pooter
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    There's no surprise, they only listen to those who buy FP by the truck load, but what do you expect?
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