Is there any Icon Swaps 3 first owner info ?

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So icon swaps 1 had objectives demanding 7 first owner players for the 5 major leagues. Icon swaps 2 demanded 9 first owner players.

Is there any information available for icon swaps 3 ? Can we expect 11 first owner objectives for the top 5 leagues ? Would this not completely deplete the entire reason for Icon Swaps ? We would not be able to use our grinded icons in the chase for more icons.

Any info/guesses about this would be nice to have to decide to get Kolarov shapeshifter or not. For a Serie A 11 first owner objective he would fit right in and do much good. Otherwise he would not get much playing time.


  • Andyh60
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    need some nation thing rather than league imo
  • Mmandras
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    I can see 11 first owners as realistic possibility. But don't complete SBCs just because of it. Everybody will use NIF cards to fill out the holes.
  • Pnub
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    You know its going to be 11 this time round. The whole first owner objectives is just a complete money grab trying to get people to open backs so they have a decent team to use
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