EA updates - rant

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EA, seriously. The only way I'm able to enjoy the game I've paid you for is by using mods made by users. I have a gameplay mod, a graphics mod, one that makes transfers more realistic and that generates better line ups by the AI, ...
But every time you idiots put out a new update my modded game doesn't work anymore. The back-up I keep doesn't start because I'm offline in Origin. I wasn't waiting on some conmebol update, I'm not even waiting on your fixes anymore. Users do a better job. But you ruin it all by releasing irritating updates. Do your job properly (like: make sure the game is finished when you release) or go home (like: don't bother me with these updates after half a year). I hope FIFA 21 is better, I'm really sick of it. And in the mean time: stop making those updates mandatory. I don't want them.


  • MaldinisHeir
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    I've risen above all of this.

    I use Football Manager to generate seasons. It gives me fixtures, other team's results, transfers, injuries, contract renewals, youth team - everything.

    I then only need to play matches through Exhibition Mode and I can edit as I go along.

  • Ballsantini
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    Another update, another giant step backward.

    This time offsides calls when players are onside and vision is erratic. The offsides thing ive never seen before. Its shocking unless its intentional (to be like realistic with how bad var is). If its intentional its shocking for different reasons.

    Also i just played a game where i had 11 shots go off the post. five from oxlade. In one situation he collected thr rebound himself 3 times then put two follow up shots off the post. Help me god this is the game theyve designed.
  • Redmob
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    I’ve played three games since the update and have lost them all....I don’t know how to play this game anymore at all. It’s beyond mystifying. Speechless to what’s been done:
  • Can we fix this issue with people connecting across the world and the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ connections.
  • I love playing people across the world and my game freezes every time they are in the penalty box.
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