EA, do you have any plans to stop relegation for next icon swaps?

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In rivals, 4 out of 5 matches end up in a quit, either by me or by the opponent. That speaks volumes about the state of the game, at least in lower divisions.

In division 7/8 i'm constantly up against much higher division players, even now. You can tell by the way they play, even with below average teams, I even messaged a few and they were div 4/3 players. Is it gonna be a whole year of that?

Last year I had a poor team but I was at least matching up against players of my skill level and enjoyed competing and going up slowly. This year even with a much better team, I don't find myself enjoying the games coz of this.


  • Mogga
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    Agreed. Its an absolute disgrace
  • ContraCode64
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    EA: Yes. Check out our Fifa 21 pre-release pitch notes.
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Isn't there now some kind of soft ban in place when you prematurely disconnect from too many games in a row? EA will never say it officially but it's there.

    Those who have already relegated will just stay where they are and not bother with getting promoted again.
  • DFC1983
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    Last year they reduced the number of divisions around this time from 10 to 7. That might be on the cards?
  • d3b4s1s
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    I'm sick of playing 4 out of 5 matches with relegators. This's gotta stop
  • d3b4s1s
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    Soulja1985 wrote: »
    Everybody that loses a game now thinks its against people that have relegated themselves 😂

    Talk for yourself mate, maybe you think so coz you can't tell the difference? Or you're one yourself?

    I don't have a problem with losing. I know my skill level coz I mostly manage to stay in div 7 occasionally going to 6. But sometimes, i dip to even 8 playing 8-10 matches in a row with higher division players. I can tell when I'm playing against someone with much higher skills than me. Besides, I messaged a lot of people to see and they admitted to have relegated.
  • I’ve already came up against 3/5 games I played earlier that were on the way down using bronze teams in div4 on pc
  • I thought they started banning people for this?
  • Blahblahblah92
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    I thought they started banning people for this?

    Nah they only ban kurt
  • Alandx
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    When is next icon swap?
  • Mackie17
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    Next week
  • what3v3r
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    Don't worry, EA wants to have an environment where bullies don't have a place, or so I have heard. I am sure they will sort this out
  • Blackpoolmonster
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    I've dropped down to division 8, I did the online icon swaps over a few days with ease, if I had to do that in division 3 it would have taken forever.

    I do feel bad and I know EA are not forcing me to do it but I ain't doing them in division 3.
  • d3b4s1s
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    Looks like they’re nice and early to lower divisions ahead of swaps, while doing all other crappy card objectives. I’m not that great but I’ve lost 7 out of 8 matches in a row in division 7 and in 8 now, never happened before.

    F*** this game!
  • Mmandras
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    Yep, division 7 was mental. I'm back at 6 now. I think what we're seeing is strange reverse effect, div 3 might be actually easier than 8?

    EA did have a plan, they introduced special rewards for div 4 and higher. That's your plan for Fifa 20.
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