Shapeshifers SBC out now!



  • mark1089
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    cantonagod wrote: »
    Caved in and done one mostly untradebales but had to throw in a Ter Steggen that i could hav esold but never used...


    Worth decent coins but not sure what he is like in game- currently run a hybrid with POTM WBY and FB Rooney up top so think he will be a super sub......

    He’s actually really good. I pulled David Luiz on my main and shortly after pulled Taa and Vinicius in b2b upgrade packs. He’s very similar to nif Mbappe who I play him with now. He’s so good I had to rearrange my team to fit him and Luiz in. Fit him in if you can, he’s really fun to use. Only upgrade I want now until tots is probably ss Richarlison but I’m short about 800k 🤷‍♂️

  • Unemesis
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    edited March 6
    These kind of sbc could be better if they were a player pick of three.

    EA can tone down the gambling and avoid frustration on players when earning a non desirable card, by giving us three options to pick from, so each one of us cold at least, pick one that would be used / fun to play with.

    PS: I won't do this SBC, don't want to test my luck :p
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    Carlo wrote: »
    What a valuable exchange for me

    Wasted this 01432fc9a2a3a1562d582f95910c29fb.jpg

    To get this d2a72830c67a56855597ac749d5b1441.jpg

    I guess EA can you all know what

    Somebody once said, “you can’t fix stupid.”
  • FijiBoy
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    Packed Vini Jr from MM today😊😊 sold for 480k
  • Mic2904
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    FijiBoy wrote: »
    Packed Vini Jr from MM today😊😊 sold for 480k

    Same here, sold him as well 👍
  • Chavez76
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    Got Mertens. Liked him quite a lot when playing him as a loan, and all players werwe untradable anyway. Not a total loss.
  • Biggie567
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    Decided to do it with untradables and coins cost me 120k got David Luiz very happy with that
  • Covkilla91mob
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    Got V JR so happy I did it
  • Tboon
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    Kainz.... bad luck continues
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    Not bothered doing it
  • Moose Factory
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    Had enough untradeables that I just never use and only had to buy Koulibaly (40k) was hoping it was Mendy at first but this should be fun. Need to figure out a squad to build around him though since I run mostly Serie A.

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