Shapeshifers SBC out now!


  • Fabibi94
    698 posts Semi-Pro
    Did it with 60k plus untradables. Packed Kainz. Meh, but what did I expect? :D
  • Mackie17
    8259 posts League Winner
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ nandez

    The only one I won't even shoehorn into a 1st owner league 11. All untradables but what a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ waste
  • Liamalone
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    Got Vinicius Jr, not great but at least I run a La Liga team so he'll get a run out.
  • DFC1983
    1256 posts Professional
    I've been thinking about doing this but as I would only use Luiz or Kante the odds against packing them must be >99%.
  • MHoney1234
    10339 posts Has That Special Something
    Ben Yedder. I'll take that for a load of untradeable fodder.

    He’s really good
  • Hibee
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    Retro_G wrote: »
    DannySTFC wrote: »
    It’s expensive, but I’m surprised by some of the comments on here, there’s a good bunch of absolutely insane players you COULD get, yeah you probably won’t, but most people have a lot of coins and untradables at this stage, what’s 100k and a few untradables in March? Nothing really, you’ll probably pack something crap but I’d 100% prefer to have that tiny chance of getting Messi, CR7, WBY, Kante, Marcelo etc etc then sit on the coins and do nothing with them.

    Everyday I’m checking at 6pm for content and there hasn’t been much excitement for a while, wanted the icon SBC to be honest which would have been better but at least this brings some excitement to the content. If people don’t want to do it then fine, but I’d suggest most people have very good teams at this point of the year plus spare coins so just go for it, it’s worth the gamble.

    I took the gamble on base icon pack from swaps, for Cruyff, gambled with the winter refresh SBC and got Bruno, so it can pay off, this time I got Pereira, not exactly the thrilling card I was hoping for but still a good card nonetheless, personally I wish they did an SBC like this at the end of every promo, even if it’s 200k no ones forcing you to do it.

    It's overpriced compared to a TOTS SBC, can only imagine how expensive they'll be this year, considering how many numpties are doing this SBC.

    Nah, TOTS is near the end of the game so they reduce costs and increase pack weights. All about getting people onside for the new game going on sale.
  • BecksRightPeg
    1621 posts Play-Off Hero
    So not a single Messi/Ronaldo pull on the forums?
  • SinkXI
    941 posts Professional
    edited March 5
    Done it out of sheer boredom and got Mahrez who fits in my team nicely. Not bad I suppose, could’ve been better, could’ve been worse, but at least he costs more than the sbc. I already have POTM Trent and 84 renato in my team si was worried of a dupe 🤣
  • Mackie17
    8259 posts League Winner
    So not a single Messi/Ronaldo pull on the forums?

    Someone posted a messi pull last night not seen a Ronnie thi
  • nexesstar
    327 posts Sunday League Hero
    Packed TAA.

    Already have unreadable Base Blanc, Futmas Sissoko, Futmas Sanchez, 88 Saul, SS Acuna for the midfield.
  • Smiley_Utd
    1872 posts Play-Off Hero
    I also packed TAA, ive been using his TOTY at CDM so im abit baffled on what todo now...
  • Idek
    15618 posts World Class
    Got Mendy, was using his futmas on 7 chem so this replaces it on 7 chem
  • Ballist1x
    3826 posts National Call-Up
    Ah I can do it for free* but my pack luck has been awful. Is it worth it?

    * rinsing my untradeable if and high rated cards.
  • aladdin
    1681 posts Play-Off Hero
    just did it and got gueye. horrible
  • PlayerSayers
    555 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Did it for 38k and untradables from rewards.. Mbabu- nice card and value wise over 300k but I have rttf Mbabu as my RB 🥺 don’t know what to do know lol
  • alvchong
    1575 posts Play-Off Hero
    wanted to do one after WL rewards, then my gold 3 tradeable Rare player pack pulled SS Alaba, i guess i am satisfied, at least i pull one. no need to gamble in SBC.
  • DaMMian
    1194 posts Professional
    Packed Alaba this is not the player I was hoping for :( but it could always be worse. Unfortunately, I don't know how to set up the first team with him.
    He will probably start on the bench and wait for the yellow card of the defensive player.
  • otutsarTR
    131 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    edited March 5

    Dont know if he is good or bad
  • Jeremy295
    646 posts Semi-Pro
    Got mbabu but already have his rttf as my RB... Only spent 100k. It's weird when a win feels like a loss
  • Mackie17
    8259 posts League Winner
    otutsarTR wrote: »

    Dont know if he is good or bad

    Better than nandez. Count yourself lucky mate
  • Oweyman
    1190 posts Professional
    otutsarTR wrote: »

    Dont know if he is good or bad

    He is a really good card. I got Kainz myself
  • cantonagod
    767 posts Semi-Pro
    Caved in and done one mostly untradebales but had to throw in a Ter Steggen that i could hav esold but never used...


    Worth decent coins but not sure what he is like in game- currently run a hybrid with POTM WBY and FB Rooney up top so think he will be a super sub......
  • number7rocky
    5877 posts Big Money Move
    Cost me nothing but got the Bundesliga guy with 5 star weak foot... Ffs won't use him outside of first owner Bundesliga
  • sulley88
    656 posts An Exciting Prospect
    sulley88 wrote: »
    Im really tempted to do this in the hope of packing messi or ronaldo. Have the untradeables for it hmmmm decisions decisions.

    Did and got ricardo pereira. Not the best but will take it over nandez and gueye.
  • Bruffell06
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Did it and got Renato Sanches.
  • v4vendetta1978
    3178 posts National Call-Up
    Nandez as well oh well not like the game is that enjoyable to be bothered 😂
  • LiamSully
    6967 posts Big Money Move
    LiamSully wrote: »
    I got the 83 LW from the WR promo pack

    Already got an untradeable SS Mahrez, if I do this pack I know I’m either getting low balled again or a dupe...

    Will prob still roll the dice, game play is 5hit anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I got TRashica 😢
  • bartsch88
    494 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Just got Mertens. Have zero need for him, I have tons of great LW (Flashback Alexis, Moments Di Maria, Moments Sane, and Seasons Perisic and Felipe Anderson). Still not a total loss, probably broke even, but still was hoping for something I would actually use.
  • Avochad0
    286 posts Sunday League Hero
    got mertens but he is sheat as f
  • GeTRiGhT
    11972 posts Has That Special Something
    GeTRiGhT wrote: »
    Went for it...


    But this mans for my team


    @GeTRiGhT any early reviews on Ronnie?


    Amazing! Big upgrade over the NIF
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