Overload ball side

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So !

Really happy to see that they tried to do something to be honest, was a mess and making the game even worse than it was.

Now, usually when they try to fix something, they don't succeed ^^.

Has it been nerfed ? Is the impact on stamina real ? Do OBS users stop using it now that it has been patched ?


  • Mogga
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    Never used it but tried it out before. Full backs were knackered by half time. Happy days
  • Roc_Xel
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    Ok thanks. It's great if it does drain players.

    Now they may want to make it so that when players have no stamina, they stop outpacing your players which are not out of stamina, but anyway, has to start somewhere I guess ^^
  • Batman442
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    Just started using this a few days ago, was really effective against certain players. Although they have needed this it just means people will revert back too the drop back tactics
  • Paul9619
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    Just played someone who just controlled his players less and made an effort to let the AI do even more work.

    Why can’t they just make stamina effect AI players too. Are this company that deluded
  • GL
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    Most players now have 90+ stamina anyway. The stamina nerd effect doesn’t do much according to the pros who have tested it.

    They could have done so much more and better with the nerf. Make it less narrow, slower transition speed etc etc...
  • BlueWes80
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    Stamina does go down, but I still have opponents players with a depleted red bar, outpacing Similar players with greater stamina left in the tank, still doing three, four, five skill moves in a row in the 90th minutes, and weaker strikers pushing Koulibaly / Koeman off the ball, all when my stamina is green / amber compared to their almost zero red. So whilst visually it appears the bar does go down quicker for the opponent, it still doesn’t stop them doing what they were doing before, from what I’ve seen tonight, anyway.
  • Bteox96
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    people still use OBS, people still use drop back. Same thing every single game, no one plays for enjoyment. People acting like it’s their job to play this “game”.
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