What’s the matter with UCL Pjanic?

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None on the market - price range at 96k. Is he not even in packs? Maybe it’s worth checking your club.


  • Bakudu76
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  • Brustring1893
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    Can’t solely be it, it seems he’s not getting packed. Which means he’s not in packs at all...
  • CustardHippo
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    He will be in packs and no one is insta buying an 86 for hope of a price range increase or otherwise.

    Will be coin selling because his max bin is still stupidly high for a card you can buy for peanuts
  • Brustring1893
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    His drop rate should be much higher though, hence if there is coin selling happening, there should be people regularly packing him, which does not seem to be the case at all. There would be lots of people undercutting. Also take at look at the amount of games played with him on Futbin and compare him to the likes of Parejo. 3.500 games played against around 18.500 of Parejo. This guy seems to be not packed at all. There’s something wrong about that...
  • Brustring1893
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    Still none on the market. Seems more than fishy to me...

    Please let me know as soon as Someone packs him. Thanks.
  • Blackbird10
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    I couldn’t find a normal Pjanic when needing an 86 for an SBC the other week.
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