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Pro Clubs - The Revamp

Was told by the EAHelp twitter via DM to post here. Original post:

"So, I play FIFA since I was 6, starting with FIFA 08. I love this franchise and it has played a huge part in my life. For the last 4-5 years, I've focused on playing the mode "Pro Clubs" and I believe it has a huge potential. I made a ~30-page document called "Pro Clubs - The Revamp" and I'd like to know how to share it with you guys so that my favorite mode gets a little bit more of attention and love. The document itself has a lot of raw and undeveloped suggestions, which can be further developed and explained if interest is shown in them.

Best Regards,

Pedro M. Peçanha



  • SquallPT
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    EA help telling you to post here, it's the same thing as saying " We don't care about pro clubs, go post somewhere where they care less " :smiley:
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