Making coins on FUT Switch 2

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So I've had a lot of success with BPM. I can't believe how much some items go for. Even today, my All Healing +1 card went for 4k overnight (this is normal). I've not been able to sell any players for more than 1k but still profit is easy albeit a bit of a grind. With time limited, I'm seeing if I can use the cash balance I am building up to invest more and hence get coins faster.

Some ideas:

Silver Pack Method - not done this yet. I presume it's usually exactly the same method as BPM but you obviously pay more for packs and hence sell for more. Is the profit margin the same? If so, this could be the way to go when you reach say 25,000 coins?

Offline Draft - I've read that playing 4 games on Amateur can get a decent pack and that the reward is regardless of level. However, when I try this, it clearly says that rewards are greater the higher the difficulty. My son (who is only 7) loves to play Barcelona with Messi/Saurez and even Ter Stegen on Beginner, and dribble his way to 15-0 wins with spectacular goals. So I can get him to work for me doing it in FUT Draft instead :) This is assuming you do get the same rewards for each level? It seems very steep at 15k a pop though and gold packs you get as rewards are almost always pretty useless.

Flipping High Value Cards - this would be using all your balance (let's say 50k) to buy 1 or 2 high value cards at BIN that are underpriced, then flip them overnight especially on a Saturday. Any particular players/targets to go for here? I did buy/sell Bellerin for 3k/10k, Anderson for 6k/17k and Sokratis for 3k/9k. Is it worth buying cards to do the SBCs then flipping the reward?

SBCs - I read a lot about selling players at the right time to get a big profit for SBCs. I've not tried this yet but is this worth the time investment?

I've not had any luck with chemistry cards or position modifiers so I'm not going to focus on these.


  • Prettyfly
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    I can’t sell any bronze players for more than 200 coins even rares I struggle. Contracts and fitness I flip etc and make coins on but other than that it’s a chore. Got about 85k banked happy to flip golds but need to know which couple are worthy to do any help appreciated
  • LordVader
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    For Bronze players, anything from the top divisions usually goes for at least 500. I put a BIN of 1,000 or 950 on most. But it hit and miss. Why people pay 950 for a Poland bronze I do not know.

    I haven't found good Golds to target, I just did the ones I did as I got duplicates or saw a big disparity when building my Prem team.
  • ChappellRovers
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    Every investment is a lot harder at this time in the game as not many standard gold players are bought for people’s squads. Personally i stick to BPM. SPM is not profitable for me at all. Offline drafts aren’t very good 4 wins = 1/2 wins on online. Online draft isn’t very good at this time of year either. All the big money doing these things are made at the start of the year. Personally i have almost 500 untradeable silvers/golds which mean I don’t buy much for marquee matchups either.

    We haven’t had many player sbc’s lately but usually cheap 83s-88 are a good investment, but can’t say for sure whether they will be now. Rare CL players can be a good investment depending on SBC’s.

    Just buy things on auction and sell them for more. For example I bought a Vidal for 4k sold for 10k, Semedo for 8k sold for 12k.
  • Rotorooter
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    Generally I find players not worth it, other than a few top division guys. But certain fitness and injury cards go for around 1000.
  • LordVader
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    Injury cards regularly go for 4,000
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