i have been banned from transfer market by mistake for 2 months ! could somebody help me ?

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in 23 december i was trading in transfer market by bidding on players to buy them with a low prices then selling them with more high prices .. i saw base icon " pep guardiola " his price was about 360k in average it was open bid form the starting price .. i joined the bid then i intended to raise the bid to 280k but by mistake while i'm holding my joystick i added " 380 " .. after some hours terms of services considered it transferring coins " 10k " so i got ban market ... i have been talking to the customer experience for 2 months and they escalated more than 40 cases for me and terms of service still refusing every single case and doesn't want to reverse the action ... i need help .. this is killing me .. this is the unluckiest thing that have ever happened to me .. i'm extremely disappointed ! what should i do ?
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