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How Much you spent on FP in $?

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edited February 20
Title and please be honest. No shame o:)

As well how much coin are you sitting on right now ?


  • Empyrium7
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    spent $0.00
    25k coins
  • Gone Postal
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    edited February 20
    Spent €0, have 1.4m and Rio and Essien from swaps! I don't trade or play WL
  • SweetJesus101
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  • madwullie
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    In before everyone puts 0
  • ZeFeZ
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  • Nazgul
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  • mhh1981
    2996 posts National Call-Up
    1k in FPs. And about 200k, with another 1.2m in investments
  • tommyboyo
    1117 posts Professional
    350 gbp on FP since day 1

    Coins, less than 50k now!

    Team I like though, so I am happy.
  • HishamAyman
    3227 posts National Call-Up
    0 FPs
    Untradeable PIM Eusebio
    Essien, Keane from swaps
    Around 2 mil the rest of the team
  • Toonleew
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    £160 . 400k in bank and an untradeable team I can hardly improve . 89 Eusebio untradeable is my star player
  • TheTataGuy
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    80 euro at the start as always
  • NinthFall
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    Title and please be honest. No shame o:)

    As well how much coin are you sitting on right now ?


    It was my plan this Fifa, no matter what do not waste a penny on packs. And I've gotten the best team ever in any Fifa. Not saying people shouldn't waste money on packs, I get it can be fun and exciting, but imo the prices are so far off considering pack weight and that you get numerous free packs throughout the week, just not worth it for me and thus I will continue this way, unless cipsoft makes pack weight significantly better for packs purchased with FP
  • RexAnglo1066
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    Since Fifa 20 released I've spent about £20 on points.

    First week I was given a 20 wallet top up and did a 10er on points...packed nothing.

    Then I did another 5er around late November and finally around Christmas did another 5er.

    Packed nothing of note, regretted doing it, and decided then and there not to spend anymore on points...and I haven't, and don't intend to.

  • 0$
  • CeeQue
    12354 posts Has That Special Something

    200k but about ~1.5 million worth of stuff.
  • MxMLover
    191 posts Sunday League Hero
    800 euro. Not 1 decent pul. Screw ea
  • Gnomenclature
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    I thought it was about $200...

    Last week I went back and checked my Xbox transactions - it was closer to $600.... holy ❤️❤️❤️❤️, throwing $20 here and there really adds up. I quit the game shortly after discovering how irresponsible I was/am.

    Worse part is I don't enjoy playing this broken game at all. In addition, I have very little respect for EA as a company. I feel ashamed for allowing myself to be baited by these predators lol. Anyway, I blew all my coins on packs and discarded all my tradeable cards. Haven't played since.
  • CustardHippo
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    edited February 20
    £50 on the game and nothing more. Find more fun in trading than actually playing the game so no bother to me. Pre launch on the web app to get a little start, then the amount of free stuff this year to get you going practically hands you a boost.

    Once you build up a little coin its not too hard to go from there. Some people prefer to have it all from day one, I prefer to build up as I go.

    Have rinsed coins on packs at times but you never pack anything of note and just trade your way back up.

    Edit: sat on about 1.5mil as sold off some stuff I was holding this morning, untradeable squad and a few more cards holding until the prices rise.
  • Retro1989
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    0 on Fifa Points
    1.9M Coins
  • Sandell85
    7618 posts League Winner
    0 points
    4,2 mil
  • BecksRightPeg
    1192 posts Professional
    Probably close 7m if I sold everything
  • R1ckyDaMan19
    536 posts An Exciting Prospect
    £80 In 2 lots, squad worth 500k and is 90% untradable.

    Don't trade as every time I try I lose coins.
  • SpiderMonkeybpg
    1144 posts Professional
    $20 during headliners n packed varane the week after so he wasn’t in headliners #2 🤦‍♂️
  • £72 at start with origin deal. About 420 thousand coins in bank. Saving for Veron I think.
  • Bakudu76
    1924 posts Play-Off Hero
    Lol zero € spent with 27mil transferprofit reporting in
  • Gogs
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    About 300 Euros but sold the game 2 weeks ago and bought Rdr2.
  • Jpo41
    1597 posts Play-Off Hero
    0 for the past two years and oddly my best pack luck ever
  • otutsarTR
    124 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Eur 2000

    8mill coins
  • Primofusion
    1061 posts Professional
    0 FP (I spent £20 on release of Fifa 15 I think).
    6.5m trade profit
    400k balance and a further 1.25 million if I sell my first team.
  • Bakudu76
    1924 posts Play-Off Hero
    otutsarTR wrote: »
    Eur 2000

    8mill coins

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