Finally some good pulls😀

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So taught id give the tradable otw sbc a go as my ndombele has been useless for a while now, did the first and boom got the most popular otw card in the game joelinton.

After a few hours i taught id do another but a untradable one so i sold joelinton for 25k and bought maguire for 24k lol did and untrable and boom got hazard!! Madrid one, 2nd best pull ive ever had after toty mane.

The card i really wanted was ben yedder so i decided to do another, tradable one this time, opened the pack 1 light flash, french flag, cf, barca :( so close bit got griezmann atleast hes tradable and i can sell him to get ben yed.

The top 2 otw cards back to back, never had this kind of luck before, might try another one later hopefully i can pull ben yedder instead of shelling out coins.


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