Dynamic Potential is this a real thing or just a myth?

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I just ahave a general question, Does dynamic potential really exist in Fifa 20 or it this just a myth created by EA to get us to buy the game (in September)?

I currently can not tell if this is a real thing, the potential of my players did not change everything looks like it was in Fifa 19. I watch an YT-video this moring where FNG tried to score 100 goals in a season with a youth player in order to get the dynamic potential up, but it did actually nothing for the player. So I start wondering it its really a thing in Fifa 20.

Did anybody, here experience dynamic potential? And could somebody explain to me how it should work (if its really existing)?


  • corry2002
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    I just saw a dynamic scam
  • L4r14m
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    I think my players’ potential has gone down when they haven’t got many minutes on the pitch.
  • ArneMueller
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    But shouldn't get the max. potention go up when the player is happy, is playing and has real got rating in the games he is playing?

    Currently I can not see any different to the prior Fifa versions.
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