League sbc’s dead??

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What happened to liga MX,Japan,Australian,Belgium and Argentina league sbc’s?


  • Finetunedchaos
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    Too small leagues
  • Rusty2times
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    @Finetunedchaos cant say they’re small but it’s helpful for the packs in them and they’ve been in every game since the sbc came out. Besides that’s a lot of cards just there for no reason nobody uses them or buys them on the market
  • XabiFC
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    I've been waiting on Liga MX since the first League SBC came out. There's some great players in that league (Pizarro, IF Jara and the IF right back) just needs a couple of top cards to make it usable.
  • Pnub
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    It would be nice if they could actually tell us whats going on with the other leagues, but that would be expecting way to much.
    I doubt we will be getting any more because they won't want people making more coins and getting free packs.
  • Still hoping for a SPFL one. Got POTGS morelos, RTTF kent, and IFs on Defoe and Barisic. Could really do with a rangers sbc pick just to help make up my fun team. You would think when we have two teams in euro knock out stages and the current europa lg top scorer we should do lol.
  • SuperKMx
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    I don't think we'll get any more, but I have every player in the J-League in my club just in case because I will absolutely never give up hope.
  • Mc_chigby
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    Common theory is leagues were supposed to be scrapped this year but due to the backlash they put them in last minute. If this was the case it is probably unlikely we will get more leagues, although like everyone here I still hold out hope. EA have probably seen people cycling through the current leagues which won't have helped. If they brought out the other remaining leagues it would be very easy to cycle through them on a constant basis with all the silver packs on offer.
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