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A Lot of people say this but.....

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I’m done with this game..... if fifa 21 doesnt drastically improve for pro clubs and I mean actually improve and not change a few badges .... they couldn’t even be arsed to add new boots anymore but that’s what they want
To phase the mode out gradually

There’s been a bug on pro clubs since December that’s not been fixed yet where I can’t change the kit or stadium

A lot of people go around and say I’m done with this game out of frustration but don’t follow it through .....

Well I thought I wouldn’t do it for call of duty I loved COD black ops 2 for me was the last good game then they started with all the jumping off walls two games in a row .... I had enough I decided no more and went to battlefield instead since
I haven’t been back even with the new ones that are foot to the ground and a lot better
those games pissed me off that much that I lost my interest in the game totally and I’m right on the edge with fifa I love football but my patience is tested for the last time.

I won’t every year be promised the game will be better and where trying really hard and make the game worse and keep giving you my money EA.

For me and some of my mates this will be our last fifa.
if the next one isn’t bob on
You’ve had enough chances that will be it
I will be done with the fifa series

I already Have two mates from my club last year that haven’t bought this years game


  • Korthan
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    I don't play FUT anymore (rip-off, connection decides winner, over-complicated, no chance of getting special cards unless you invest your whole life in the game, also gameplay is a grind).

    Don't play regular FIFA much anymore (a grind, weird things happen in gameplay like FUT. shooting and scoring is limited - still better than FUT but not great).

    Pro Clubs I love but 19 was worse than 18 and 20 is even worse. Will post on this another time. Drop-in matches are bad and the Join A Club lobby is a waste of time and needs a revamp.

    I play it less every year and now regret the money they sucked out of me on Ultimate Rip-off for years.
  • Agreed I played ultimate team for a few months and as much as I like the new play to earn more things I just don’t have time to do everything takes too much time to get a good players and not wasting my money anymore to get low rated cards all the time

    I went off ultimate team few years ago I always give it a go every year but my mode is pro clubs I enjoy trying to score goals as a team and all my mates are getting fed up of the game play and the lack of anything going in to pro clubs .... the new cups where a good welcome something different but they quickly get boring after a few months

    The amount of goals that are scored from rebounds is ridiculous and the passing there is mistakes ppl make but a simple pass in front should not be cut out everytime either

    The more and more I think about it the more I get angry
  • I completely agree. Pro clubs have the potential to be one of the best FIFA modes, but EA makes it worse year by year. This year I have played 75% of games with ramdoms because my friends are tired with this mode.
  • danshuks
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    Yes it does have the potential but they’re arguement is oh we made Volta mode

    So many people still play clubs religiously and if EA don’t give a crap about us why should I buy their game every year ..... why should I care or give a crap because year on year out we are forgotten about a few new trophies and a few new kit designs isn’t enough to shut us up ..... you could have a build your own stadium, earn coins when you get promoted and win cups etc
    I don’t feel pro clubs is enjoyable anymore it’s more of a chore than enjoyable and that’s down to the servers and the gameplay
  • Korthan
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    Pro Clubs is as much of a grind as FUT (and regular mode) is now.

    I played Pro Clubs because it is an escape from FUT but not anymore.

    Everything attacking is nerfed, everything defending is boosted sometimes stupidly so - the defenders who can catch you up, overtake you, outmuscle you easily, take the ball off your feet then stride away without any trouble. You can't even do an angry revenge slide tackle because they nerfed that too.

    Or if you are attacking a defender with the ball, you already know you can't go past them with one touch or pace, you can't shield the ball anymore so if you turn round for options they just take the ball off you by ghosting through your body or mysteriously moving around you then taking the ball off your feet and running away (pace with the ball seems to work when it's defenders moving away from you) what do can you do?

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