Games too bright when it's sunny

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Any one else bothered by some of the weather conditions ?

When playing Rivals, one of 8 or 10 games happens at some point in the day where it's way way too bright to the point it actually hurts my eyes.

Can't say what it is exactly, i.e. what time of the day, probably early afternoon, everything feels awful and way too bright. I'm almost giving up on those games.

I have an HDR tv, maybe it changes something. Any one noticed it ? It's just awful.


  • Swanz05
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    Probably your screen as you suggested.
  • Hades
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    Maybe post a picture of what you mean as it can be your own screens settings for example..
  • Roc_Xel
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    Well got a high high end tv and never had this problem with any other game. Feels weird.

    It's really only when it's full sun, picture is just too bright.

    Anybody with an HDR tv who can compare ?

    Maybe will check the PS4 HDR settings.
  • Fab
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    sounds like you gotta toy with your settings my man
  • Ballist1x
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    Those stadiums that are dark but have aline or two of sunlight across tricks eyes
  • Roc_Xel
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    Ok can anyone who has an HDR tv please tell me what his calibartion in Fifa is ? There is a video setting specially for HDR.

    Mine was set on 100. Put it now on 24 as the two boxes are still the same colour (which is the object of the test) and it seems better.

    Any one cares to check what his HDR setting is (in Fifa, not on the console) it would be nice. Cheers.
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