Screenshot of my last week-end league game. Very realistic

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So here's my last WL game.

This includes a post at 2-0 up in the first half, a crossbar at the 88th minute, and a shot hitting both posts at the 119 th.

This is very realistic, happens all the time in real life. After all, I only have Prime Yashin in goal, why would he make a stop ?

His goals include a pen which I still dont know what the foul was and a header by POTM Ben Yedder who outjumped Blanc on a cross. Yashin did not make a single save but his Ter Stegen saved 11 and had 3 times the posts helping him, once both posts.

Pretty sure there's nothing else other than bad luck or my connection that is bad, right ?

So damn pathetic. This game is in shambles.



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