Unreliable to unplayable: The rise of Adama Traore

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Interesting article on BBC about Fifa 20 favourite (or hated figure) Adama Traore.

He still plays like he lacks a true footballing brain but damn he's been effective this season.



  • MrMTFC
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    He's definetly more of a physical than mental player, if he can improve more on his football brain then can't see why he wouldn't be a world beater for any top club
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    Hench ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that he is... gains for days.
  • Turkey_man
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    As a United fan I'd like to believe Daniel James has the same potential (raw pace but lacking in decisions/quality) but I know that's not the case.

    Adama is a beast! Incomparable physically to anyone I've seen playing football.
  • SteGriff83
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    We was brilliant in his last 6 months for the boro, didn’t do a lot before that!

    Who would of thought that the (probably) most negative manager we had Tomy Pulis can take credit for the player he’s become
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