Agressive interceptions

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Do you set any of your players on aggressive interceptions? Do you do this based on their position or role within the team or on their stats?

Interested to know because I've been using this for my forward players but not my back 4. I'm considering setting my back on aggressive and changing my midfield and forwards to balanced.

Seems that it takes a bit of stamina out of the player and I've not noticed much of a difference in game.

Logic behind my previous thinking is that I like my defence to keep it's shape and I manually win back possession.

Change in my thought process has come about from all the times I've seen opposition defenders auto defend and win the ball back (f'ing VVD!). I'm assuming it's because of aggressive interceptions.

What do you think?


  • MrMTFC
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    My concern with defenders doing it would be the probability of giving away too many free kicks and penalties just because of their position on the pitch. Reckon it would probably be ok most of the time but know it would cost me in injury time and they'd score from it
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