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Icon gk

2308 posts National Call-Up
Why they so cheap


  • cdbuck26
    3688 posts National Call-Up
    Cause most aren't better than most good NIF's like Ter Stegen or Oblak, and so they only have their price for the icon links really as they won't be needed for sbcs this year.
  • sejethom2
    337 posts Sunday League Hero
    If you're wanting to buy one of those just take your fave GK of them in real life, GK are scripted anyway this year
  • FijiBoy
    1061 posts Professional
    GKs are really random this year. No one plays the same in any match. No matter who you got they all do the same work. Just Ter Stegen, Oblak and IF Donnarumma are above the rest
  • Maddez
    167 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Tbf Lehmann Prime is solid
  • Paul9619
    527 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I also liked mid Schmeichel. Best keeper I have used and I have been through all the usual suspects.

    Currently on POTM Courtois and he is getting replaced today. Absolutely terrible for me. Not sure if it’s the patch or not so I’ll test the water
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